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October 27 2020

ABA’s 43rd Forum on Franchising

Dawn Newton, franchise and distribution law specialist, will be co-presenting a program called “A Practical Vision of Trademark and Trade...

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June 30 2020

Fundamentals of Trademark Law in the Global Marketplace 2020

Managing Partner, Andrew S. MacKay, will be co-presenting with a panel of experts at PLI’s annual Fundamentals of Trademark Law...

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May 28 2020

CCCEAC 2020 Employment Law News & Update: Adjusting To A New Normal

The past five months have been a time of unprecedented change for California employers.  A raft of new California state...

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May 26 2020

Preparing Your Business and Employees for Reopening

Although shelter in place orders are relaxing and certain non-essential businesses can now reopen, it will not be business as...

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May 17 2020

Making A Difference with Sheetal Ohri Radio Talk Show

Employment Law and Litigation Senior Counsel, Yen Chau, will be a guest speaker on Making A Difference with Sheetal Ohri on...

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March 13 2020

An Introduction to Music Licensing

On March 13, Daniel Schacht will speak to the California Lawyers Association’s Licensing Interest Group on their monthly call on...

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March 11 2020

NCHRA 2020 HR West Conference

Employment Law attorney, Yen Chau, will be presenting a program titled, “Pro-tips: Learn from the Mistakes of Others” at the...

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February 19 2020

Independent Contractor vs Employee Classification

On February 19, Employment Law Attorney, Yen Chau, will speak to the Law Firm Alliance’s Labor & Employment Community on...

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February 6 2020

So Your Client Received a Copyright Cease and Desist Letter

Claims of copyright infringement are becoming more common. Routine activities such as posting pictures on social media and websites are...

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January 23 2020

Corporate and Privacy Compliance for Nonprofits

Join Michelle E. Hernandez and Shruti Bhutani Arora, as we discuss the impact of privacy laws on nonprofits.

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December 12 2019
San Rafael

2020 Annual Employment Law Update

This annual update is your opportunity to understand the latest court cases, legislative and regulatory activity and significant developments that...

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