Berkeley, Emeryville, SF, and San Leandro Employers: Don’t Forget Mid-Year Minimum Wage Increases

In the peak of summer vacation season, don’t let this one slip by you. Starting July 1, 2019, four Bay Area cities will see their minimum wage requirements increase.

Of the four, Emeryville’s is the highest, at $16.30/hr, and the same rate will apply to all businesses, big and small. San Leandro’s minimum hourly pay jumps to $14.00 on July 1, as Berkeley and San Francisco’s new minimum rate of $15.59/hr takes effect. Note that in prior years, Berkeley’s minimum wage increases occurred in October, but starting 2019 and thereafter, the increases will take place on July 1.

July 1, 2019
Emeryville $16.30/hr
San Leandro $14/hr
Berkeley $15.59/hr
San Francisco $15.59/hr