Feeling at Home: Bay Area Real Estate Lawyers Deal with the Deeply Personal

On August 12, 2021, SFGATE published an article quoting Real Estate and Construction Litigation attorney, Jessica Takano, on the personal aspect of real estate law as it pertains to people’s homes.

A real estate lawyer is generally defined as an attorney who either litigates real estate cases or handles the legal aspect of a real estate transaction. They can evaluate any offers a seller makes or a buyer receives to ensure that their parties’ interests are protected, and that everyone’s responsibilities in the transaction are clearly defined and adhered to.  

That said, this is not a cookie-cutter field. Under this practice is a diversity of lawyers who specialize in different aspects of real estate law — from buying a home, to being evicted from one — and the Bay Area has no shortage of examples…

“It takes a high (emotional intelligence) and the ability to deal with people’s emotions, almost as if it were a family law dispute,” Takano said. “And the same is true in situations where people are co-owners of property. Often in those circumstances, the people involved are family members or close friends or romantic partners. When clients come to me and are in a dispute about a property they own with someone and what they should be doing with it, it takes a lot of counseling of my own clients to get them to a position to be able to resolve their issues.” 

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