Artist Team – Attorney

Music & Entertainment Chair and IP Co-chair, Daniel Schacht, was interviewed by Coda Collectiv, an online resource founded by a diverse group of women across the globe with the goal to educate and inform aspiring music industry professionals about the different jobs and opportunities that the industry has to offer. He was quoted for their page on understanding the role and tasks of music and entertainment attorneys on artist teams.

Entertainment Lawyers possess a large skill set and are approached by clients who may require various services, some of which may include (but are not limited to) negotiations, legal planning, asset protection, and contract reviewing or drafting. Because of this, no day as an Entertainment Attorney is ever the same!

“You really have to have a basic understanding of a lot of different areas of law. That’s one of the main things, understanding how much there is to understand. The music business also has a lot of peculiar business and legal arrangements, so it’s helpful to understand why they’re peculiar but also appreciate that there are sometimes opportunities to do things differently.”

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