Social Media in the Workplace

A manager has just reported that an employee has made veiled “threats” to another employee via Twitter and has posted “confidential” information about the company’s business plans on his Facebook page. An hour later, a lawyer for the “threatened” employee calls and says his client is about to go to the police and sue the employer. WHAT DO YOU DO?

The rapid rise of social media has created new challenges- and new opportunities- for employers. At least eight states, including California, have recently enacted laws governing what information an employer can access on employee pages, and federal legislation is likely in the near future.

The topics we will address include:

  • Disciplining employees for use of social media
  • Drafting and implementing lawful social media use policies
  • Recent legislation
  • Use of social media in hiring and surveillance

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This presentation is the first of three seminars in the Tri-Valley Seminar Series.

Program Schedule:

Breakfast & Registration: 7:30- 8:00 am
Program: 8:00- 9:30 am

Advanced registration is required.

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