2023 Cannabis IP Law Conference

Dawn Newton, franchise and distribution law specialist, will be co-presenting a program called “Kiss, Marry, Kill: IP Licensing, Franchising, and DIY Agreements in Cannabis” at the California Lawyers Association’s 2023 Cannabis IP Law Conference on April 19, 2023.

What are the critical modifications to make to an IP license governing cannabis or hemp goods, or even ancillary goods or services? When does the deal risk being construed as a franchise agreement, subject to heightened scrutiny and risk for the licensor?

The panel will discuss industry-specific considerations for the license including basic deal structure, representations and warranties regarding trademarks and other IP, state regulatory requirements that may be triggered by royalty fee structures, planning ahead for federal legalization, and revising key provisions. The program will explore the opportunities and challenges of IP licensing in a wide variety of situations, the significant issues surrounding both franchise law compliance and avoidance, unexpected issues that arise due to the stalemate between federal and state laws, and additional hurdles often imposed by our clients’ expectations.


Additional Speakers

Brian Ross
Ross Legal Corporation

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