Recent Developments in Fair Use & Transformative Use

Intellectual property attorney Anne Hiaring Hocking will be speaking at PLI’s two-day Intellectual Property Law Institute – a “must-attend” program for IP lawyers – in San Francisco this October.

In this Copyright Breakout Session, Anne will discuss:

  • The test for “transformative use” set forth in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose
  • Beyond Marvin Gaye: How to prove a case for “transformative use”
  • Considering effects on the market of the challenged use
  • Applying the statutory fair use factors alongside “transformative use” – part of “purpose and character of the use”?
  • Does the future hold more or fewer “fair use” determinations?

The Intellectual Property Law Institute provides a complete analysis of key events in all areas of IP, providing updates on cases, legislation and government agency developments that all IP lawyers need to know. This year’s program will feature four breakout sessions, each addressing three topics that will focus respectively on recent developments regarding copyrights, licensing, patents, and trademarks.  Among the breakout discussions will be discussions of IP licensing in the U.S., Asia, and Europe; developments in the law concerning digital music; design patents; and initial interest confusion.

For complete information about the Intellectual Property Law Institute, pricing, and registration, visit the PLI website.


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